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Manage your hearing loss


Why not come along to one of our small, friendly groups?
Available in Ayr (Hospital) Largs (TocH Hall)
Troon (Old Parish Church) and Galston Community Hall

You can learn:
Skills on how to best manage the stress associated with hearing loss

  • how to cope when it’s difficult to hear to lipread people who speak clearly
  • how to make the most of your hearing aid about special telephones/listening equipment
  • how and where to access local support services
  • how your ear works and causes of hearing loss
  • how to finger spell
  • how to improve your memory
  • how to build your confidence

You will meet other people with the same problems, with whom you can share information and experiences. Joining a group can help regain your confidence and independence.

Contact Dorothy McRobert, SISG Resource & Information Centre,
Suite 5 Beresford Court, 6/8 Beresford Lane, Ayr KA7 2DW
Telephone: 01292 266791
or email: dorothy@sisg.co.uk