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Improving Participation

“Improving Participation and Developing Coping Strategies for Older People with Sensory Disability”

Client Group:- Older People with Hearing and/or Sight Loss & Macular Degeneration

  • “Skills For Seeing” – Practical Coping Strategies older people with sight loss macular degeneration, intensive one to one hourly sessions (minimum 3 per individual) plus follow up sessions to re-evaluate. These sessions will be mentoring in nature as the training is hoped to empower individuals to fulfil their full potential in relation to their sight loss.
  • “Skills For Hearing” – Practical Coping Strategies for older people with hearing loss, small group intensive learning, fortnightly held in 6 locations – North, South, East Ayrshire. These groups will enable and empower older people with hearing loss to live a more fulfilled life and support their independence.
  • “Participate” Support Groups – 4 Sight and/or Hearing Loss Peer Support Groups in Irvine, Troon, Ayr and Kilmarnock, held fortnightly, it is hoped that these groups will encourage participation and the building up of new relationships and help reduce isolation
  • “Prevention Public Awareness Campaign” – Early Intervention & Prevention (sight and hearing loss) – launching message on face book, twitter, website, local press, public bodies, radio, public events.
    “Participating through Play & Learning” – 15 weeks of improving participation and helping to create a fulfilling life through various play activites and learning – such as art / photography / flower arranging / crafts / calligraphy / carpet bowls etc.
  • “Volunteer Participation Project” – Encouraging those with hearing and/or sight loss to volunteer and help other with their gained experience by launching 10 “Help & Advice Hubs” held monthly in towns and villages throughout North, South and East Ayrshire.