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We carry out ongoing Evaluation of our services including focus groups feedback, client questionnaires, photo diaries etc. When we asked our clients how it would impact them if our services were no longer available they responded as follows:-

  • I would struggle to meet new people which is needed and fun.
  • I would be be more isolated and would lack stimulation.
  • I would miss the friendship and the days out
  • I would miss the company of people who struggle with hearing loss like me, as I feel less embarrassed speaking to people who understand.
  • I would find I was unable to full participate or socialise in groups and would be very isolated.
  • I would return to feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • I would have loss of contact with others.
  • It would be a struggle and possibly a lonely existence for me.
  • My communication wouldn’t be as good.
  • I would struggle in every day life.
  • I would end up withdrawing.
  • I would not know where to go for information re hearing loss.
  • I would feel isolated and unsupported.
  • I would lack the advice and help regarding hearing aids and sharing problems with others.
  • Life would be more boring.
  • My communication skills would be poorer.
  • I would be less informed on the variety of services for those with hearing loss.
  • I would really miss the services.
  • It would affect me adversely, as I would struggle to find this type of support elsewhere.